I am Erica Applewhite, owner and designer of White Apple Studio. I started out as a printmaker in middle school when my artist mother (who was also my 8th grade art teacher!) introduced the class to linoleum block prints. My first print of a sheep, my favorite animal at the time, was used for the school Christmas card that year.

After studying etching, lithography and silkscreen in college, I virtually abandoned some of these more labor-intensive printmaking processes in my early adult years, favoring drawing and painting. Eventually I returned to printmaking with the discovery of a new type of carving block that allows the same kind of immediacy as painting- but in multiples!

This soft, rubbery block material goes by different names such as "Safety-Kut" and "Easy-Cut" and allows me freedom to print a linoleum-type print without a press and with less risk of accidentally slicing my thumb while carving. This truly easy block material is what I use to create the work that you see on this site.

Some of the inspiration for my block print imagery comes from the woods, water and landscape of my home in the Pacific Northwest. I am drawn to the work of landscape artists such as Emily Carr, the Canadian Group of Seven, and Bellingham's John Cole.

Another source of my imagery is ordinary and/or quirky objects, animals, and food. I love the humor and simplicity found in such things as a pea pod, a duck's webbed foot, or a tomato.

Finally, I also love to create visual records of any type of travel or adventure, whether it be a road trip, an expedition to the hardware store, an overnight kayak paddle, or a week-long excursion to build houses for the homeless in Mexico.

White Apple Studio block print art has been featured at the Seattle Art Museum Shop in downtown Seattle; the Art Project Gallery (formerly known as Bainbridge Arts and Crafts of Bainbridge Island, WA), the Bainbridge Island Studio Tour and the Wayzgoose Kitsap Arts Festival and other gift shops.

Contact Info:

Erica Applewhite
206-450-1324 (between 8a.m. and 9p.m. Pacific Time)
c/o White Apple Studio
712 McKenzie Ave.
Bremerton, WA 98337

Shipping Information:

Please be alerted that it may take up to one week to fulfill an order (all work is handmade) and another week for shipping. Customer will be contacted if delivery will take longer.

Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies:

Refunds will be given within 30 days of ship date if product is received damaged or flawed in any way. Customer will not be refunded original shipping cost. Please contact Erica at White Apple Studio erica@whiteapplestudio.com for further order cancellation questions, returns, or refunds of any kind.